Desires – Apple in Agarose

Artist: A


-) 1 Gala apple or whatever you wanna jellify
-) 500mL water
-) 1.8g Agarose or agar agar (this will be have a gel % of 0.35%, higher % will make the jelly more resistant but less transparent and lower % the other way around)
-) 1L glass flask
-) Receptacle with the final desired shape of the jelly
-) Microwave oven

–  Agarose (1.8g) is putted in to a glass flask (1L, it has to be made of glass because of the microwave) and added of 500mL of water
– The suspension is heated in a  microwave oven at 800 W for 4 min. The bubbling solution is then stirred to remove bubbles (be careful is hot!) and heated again for 1 min. The flask is then cool down for 15 min.
(- Bite the apple)
– Place the apple (object) in the chosen receptacle and fill it with the warm agarose solution
– Let the solution cool down for 4h (better if the final receptacle is placed in water to help the heat dispersion)
– Enjoy the rottening process of whatever you´ve put inside the jelly.

-) The jelly after two days without water shrink and loose it´s transparency, to preserve it is better to have it in water.
-) the addition of preservative (benzoic acid would be the best, but probably also a bit of acetic acid (normal vinegar) would work) in the jelly will avoid the rapid grow of molds and if you´re placing some food inside the jelly this would also degrade in a longer time
-) don´t eat it!

Hängt seit 17. Mai 2012 – 23. Mai 2012